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New Logo!

New Logo!

We have a new logo!! We are excited to reveal our new logo and continue to update our company to reflect changes we’ve made over the years.

Back in 2004 when we started our venture into landscaping and our biggest source of advertising was still the yellow pages we decided to name our company Allscapes of Colorado so we could appear at the beginning of the alphabet or what we thought would be the top of the list.

In 2012 long after the yellow pages were an afterthought we decided to re-brand and start fresh with a new name and logo.  We went with Plant It Earth Landscape Design and Construction.  The thought behind the name was obviously a play on Planet Earth but we also wanted to highlight the fact we were both a design and construction firm.  We rolled out the new logo and at the time fell in love with it.  We wanted the logo to represent qualities of our designs.  We wanted bold contrasting colors, textures, dimensions, and a flow to the design.  The tree that wrapped itself around Earth along with the foliage representing the land masses had great visual appeal to us.  The water at the bottom was an addition based on input from a friend and we liked that it added motion and flow to the logo.  A good buddy of mine ridiculed me often and to this day we laugh about his interpretation of the logo.  He also said it was difficult to read.

We love change, so in 2017 we changed the name to Plant It Earth Outdoor Living.  We felt this better embodied what we do.  We like to believe we create outdoor living spaces that help our clients entertain more and we in turn enhance their lifestyle.

Recently, with the help of Tom Pounders owner of Pounders Ink (, we decided to modernize our logo.  Our goal was to have a logo design that was clean, modern, and easy to read.  We wanted to keep the basic idea behind the original logo.  Feng Shui also was pivotal in this design as we believe in positive thoughts and energy.  The five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) are all represented in the new logo. Wood (tree), Fire (orange color of company name), earth (I hope you can figure this one out), metal (the shade gray of the bark of the tree), and water (see the italicized earth reference).

We are thrilled with our new logo!! The pictures in order are 1st the original logo, 2nd logo comparison and sharing ideas, 3rd new logo design process, and 4th Our New Logo.

Things are always changing on Plant It Earth! Stay tuned.

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